Scientific and technical library of "NIIAT" has been for years the industry-leading library in the field of road transport. The library fund has 35370 books (including 594 foreign), more than 3,200 research reports, more than 130 theses and 8000 abstracts, 5625 normative-technical documents, periodicals and other publications; all together about 250 thousand printed units.

Head of the Scientific and Technical Library

Irina Rodionova

Phone / fax: (495) 496-40-21.

Scientific and Technical Library provides library and bibliographic services for businesses and individuals:

- Meeting the needs for scientific, technical, economic, policy, statistics and other literature.

- Familiarization with library reference aids.

- Use of literature in the reading room (books, periodicals, specifications and technical documentation, translations, etc.) with the possibility of making copies.

- Assistance with purchasing training material developed by researchers of the Institute.

- Assistance with the compilation of information query from periodicals, which the library is subscribed to.